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Customer misunderstanding of some bottles

Jan 16, 2017

1.PP bottle-no taste at all, more transparent bottle shows better bottle quality

Pp material made of bottle itself new will has little of plastic taste, using Qian in boiling water in the disinfection 3-5 minutes can elimination, took out general are not in has taste, disinfection don't time had long, so as not to stick to pot and deformation; PP material made of bottle body ontology on has a fog fog of feel, if market Shang some too permeability to carefully inside may added has permeability agent of chemical raw materials.

2. nasty sucking of the Pacifiers in infants does not cease during SAG, is a defect, quality issues

Nipple according to each manufacturer's design philosophy is different, some manufacturers because we are afraid the baby is too hasty suck choking babies, and forced to stop breaking the pacifier function, as long as the baby back to the tone, pacifiers are generally recoverable, or loose teeth caps.