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Milk powder nutrition indicators are not the higher the better

Jan 16, 2017

Although parents say most important nutrients are DHA and AA, but only 8% the parents feel that the nutrients in milk powder "is very clear". Therefore, 41% parents replace milk brand because baby doesn't drink or discomfort after drinking.

But in fact, many parents of babies "after drinking or drinking does not apply" is not a correct understanding. Gastroenterology physician Gong Sitang Guangzhou children's hospital believes that eczema, diarrhea, bloating, irritability, constipation and vomiting, slow-growing ... ... After these problems when formula-fed children, many parents think is milk powder issue, began to frequently change formula. Abbott nutrition, according to market research data show that 75% the United States mothers replaced at least once within the first year milk brands, often feeding four formula within one year. The situation in China is similar. Mead Johnson infant and young child nutrition research center (China) Director Li Yongxiong introduced during an exclusive interview with this reporter, now children's allergic symptoms more and more, and now with the development of the global economy, environment and "clean", infant exposure to dirt and less chance of developing allergens, microbes will cause allergy symptoms in infants more and more.