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Pregnant women in China skincare market potential

Jan 16, 2017

Compared with conventional cosmetics, special cosmetics brands for pregnant women are limited. Entered the market in 2008, "Jin Yunjiao", appear earlier, China can be said to be a group of pregnant women-specific cosmetic brand.

Although pregnant women special cosmetic brands scarce, but each brand products are relatively complete, and no less than ordinary cosmetics, and are individually packaged, no boxed sets. In Jin Yunjiao brand, for example, "Jin Yunjiao" high end, high price, including dry skin, oily combination skin care, efficient water nourishing whitening series, series, face and body sunscreen series, special signs for daily washing of the body and motherhood protection repair series.

Meanwhile, in an interview survey found that, on the elections in these special cosmetics for pregnant women, there were no make-up products, but can be found "under the maternal perinatal characteristics and skin nutrient needs of women, using pure plant safety professional preparation, does not contain flavors" and so forth.