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Pregnant women skin care industry observed propensity to diversify

Jan 16, 2017

Which cross each other pregnant women with maternal and child categories remained essentially the same rate of beauty. Marketing scholars to do survey research object to the age of 20, 30, 40 years old, pregnant women, they in pregnancy, or pregnancy, or who have just given birth and have children, staying in the breastfeeding phase. In the survey, more than 70% of pregnancy women confessed that at present and for some time in the past, continues to use pregnant women skin care products, and achieved a certain amount of skin. On the choice of product diversification, younger more pregnant mothers, to different categories of skin care products, different demands of pregnant women showed greater interest, while older older women are much more conservative, generally stop at the most basic maintenance.

Meanwhile, 90% of the young respondents said, in order to improve skin texture, create a Ruddy complexion, they will choose some cover pregnant women face skin care products appropriate, elegant makeup to create. Such as Jin Yunjiao snail Pegasus new perfect BB cream, is the repair capacity of their most popular products. Lightweight, gentle skin, natural break after using makeup, makeup removal is simple, make such quality into every pregnant mother pregnant woman skin care beauty skin care.