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Preparing pregnancy pregnant women breast-feeding skin care products to adhere to

Jan 16, 2017

Many working women, during pregnancy at work every day to make up, after pregnancy saw a lot of cosmetics harmful to fetal health articles, very kinky, don't know if child health.

Many cosmetics to a species effect joined has some carcinogenic or pathogenic of chemical material, select cosmetics of when to see is has bad of chemical components, like, o v benzene cases (anti-sun cream main components), and ethylene glycol ether (makeup water main components), and different c base methyl phenol (removing acne products components), and mercury (whitening Freckle products components)...... Those buildup if pregnant women, will pass into the placenta blood, affect the fetus.

Avoid makeup during pregnancy, regular skin care products do not use, with no alcohol, mineral oil, chemical flavors of pregnant woman skin care products, Jin Yunjiao fetches, using advanced technology, plant extracts, are more likely to be absorbed through the skin, gentle skin, female skin care during pregnancy and childbirth.