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United States consumption of dairy products rose milk prices rise to record highs

Jan 16, 2017

First half of 2014, United States dairy exports accounted for 17% of milk production in the world, also broke the United States another history of the dairy industry. United States Dairy Export Council spokesman Alan Levitt said, according to the United States Department of agriculture predicts 2014 United States domestic milk and cheese consumption is expected to reach 93.4 million tonnes and 4.88 million tons.

For most United States dairy farmers currently farming profits are higher than in the past, this was mainly due to the lower prices of corn, soybeans and other feed ingredients. In Wisconsin, for example, August corn price of $146 per tonne (896 Yuan/ton), the price of 98 dollars cheaper per ton compared with the same period in 2013.

Despite the growth in domestic consumption, milk prices, but increased production means the possibility of falling milk prices in the long run. United States analysts forecast December levels of raw milk futures on the commodity exchange price will drop to $0.44 per ton (2.71 Yuan/ton) by 2015 will be stabilized at $0.38 per ton ($ 2.44 Yuan/ton).