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Upgrade maternal and child consumption into fresh air

Jan 16, 2017

Upgrade of consumption demand, market differentiation and high quality products

21st century Institute of mother-latest report pointed out that the Chinese market has entered the era of high growth rate growth, maternal consumption each year is expected to be released over 30 billion yuan. Nielsen's recent study pointed out that escalation of consumption trends continue, consumers prefer to buy products of high quality. 2016 CBME China exhibition area increased to 223,305 square meters, exhibitors reach 2,366, within the global baby care supplies, machine tools, automobile seats and furniture, food, health care products and snacks, toys, educational and souvenirs, children's clothes, baby wear, children's shoes and accessories, pregnancy clothes, underwear and accessories category products.

Pregnancy and baby industry desperately needs a product, innovation-driven crack homogenization

As more domestic and international brands to enter, competition will be more intense. Innovative consciousness and can break the shackles of homogenization of enterprises will be more competitive.

2016 CBME AWARDS China baby industry awards and innovative products to innovative patented product of 200+ new baby of the year show and competition for the industry for the first time baby products direction.