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Customer Misunderstanding Of Some Bottles

Jan 16, 2017

PES material for safety, no carcinogenic chemicals with endocrine disrupters (environmental hormone Bisphenol a), are widely used in medical devices;

PES as a material excellent heat resistance, heat-resistant temperature as high as 180. Can withstand repeated boiling, steam sterilization, medical vacuum autoclave, microwave systems and chemical disinfection;

PES material with excellent resistance and resistance to acid and alkali, general medicine and detergents cleaning without chemical change;

PES bottles through inspection and certification does not contain Bisphenol a toxin, both glass bottles of nontoxic, PC plastic bottles of lightness and unbreakable three advantages, PES is the best and most secure bottle material;

Honey color of the bottle is the original natural colors of PES, without adding any pigment, but also represents the color of the highest quality.