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Don't Give Your Baby To Wear Too Much, Be Careful Muggy Syndrome

Jan 16, 2017

How parents can prevent warm syndrome

First, give your baby to wear clothes to keep warm in winter should be appropriate, wear clothes too tight, you should choose soft, breathable, warm clothing, to give the baby a scope

Second, to keep the baby's mouth and nose and other respiratory smooth, do not let babies covered quilts by sleep or plug their nose and mouth, do not put the baby on the mother sleeping under the arm, or slept with a nipple for the infant;

Three, always to observe the baby's facial expression, facial expression, touch the baby palms, soles are sweating and forehead are hot, if there is sweat on baby warm hot and needs to cool down, and once the baby because of her excessive heat and all of a sudden high fever, profuse sweating, convulsions, coma, and speed to the hospital for medical treatment, not to be taken lightly.