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Four Misunderstandings Children

Jan 16, 2017

Myth: adult safety belt law for children

In General, children wear seat belts are the best way across the shoulders from beneath his arms diagonally against the chest and leg belt should cross the thigh root. To avoid twisting the belt of child loss. In addition, because of the limited height of children, if you want to fasten the car seat belt safety, need location of child seat cushion.

Myth: holding a child in a stroller safest

Father, mother holding the child sat in the co-pilot position or sitting in the back seat, it is often seen on the street scene. Parents may think their children only under the protection of his arms is the most secure. That's not what happened, in the course of driving, this by way of a security risk.

Myth three: let the children in the back seat fun

Do not think that putting children in the back seat was a sure-fire winner. Even if there is care, be sure to let the children sitting in a child safety seat in the back. Emergencies, rear passengers are more pronounced. If a child does not sit on the child safety seat, it's easy to slip from the back seat, hit the forward seat backrest.

Myth four: temporarily leave children alone in a car

Took the kids and drive to go shopping, the Mall entrance to car only to find that the child is in a safe seat to sleep. Many people do not think that children sleep disturbed, they lock the doors, the Windows, leave your child alone in the car.