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General Situation Of Child Safety Car Seats

Jan 16, 2017

Europe and other countries or regions development and the status of child safety car seats

Child safety car seat first in Europe and other developed countries to get development, especially since the 80 's, Europe, America and other countries have issued related regulations, mandatory child restraint must use child safety car seat, child safety seat to the rapid development and popularity. Products from foam products step by step to make diversified development of new products.

The introduction of appropriate regulations and standards of production and testing, to child safety car seat had a huge role in promoting development. The promulgation and implementation of these standards, and effectively protect and promote the development of child safety car seat. At present mainly has following several major standards in the world: the European ECE standard R44/04, United States JPMA/ASTM, and Canada CMVSS 213, Japan JIS, and so on. Australia, and Taiwan, issued the corresponding standards. Which the most strict European child safety car seat. People use car spontaneous steering mandatory use of child safety seats.