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Infant Milk What Area

Jan 16, 2017

Milk "should not be drunk on an empty stomach," originator of this sentence can be described as empty promises. Even the stomach empty, nor nasty HO HO to be powered by foreign food, milk "should not be drunk on an empty stomach" reason is high quality protein is "burned", it should also eat some cookies and the like.

Artificial feeding is to drink milk on an empty stomach, not eating biscuits. The human activity of energy come from? the answer is from glycogen, glycogen to maintain blood sugar levels, muscle glycogen into glucose, supply the combustion.

Glycogen is the origin of? rise in blood sugar after a meal, insulin secretion, reduce the secretion of glucagon, under the action of enzymes, glucose into the liver, muscles, glycogen is stored in the form of standby. Milk protein must be broken down into amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed, then with a variety of proteins for human body. There is also an interesting digression: soy milk is also rich in high quality proteins, but not heard that milk should not be drunk on an empty stomach.