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Total Exports Should Be Avoided Too Much Migration

Jan 16, 2017

Some kitchen appliances, raw materials inspections did not pay enough attention to, was not detected using low-silica gel material food contact products quality level, or use substandard plastic color in the production process for coloring, lead health standard indicators.

Second, any production. Because of the particularity of the raw materials, production of organic silicon requires high process control, particularly in forming products enough time to eliminate the baking material may be volatile. Part of the enterprise in the pursuit of efficiency, the products do not meet the package baked time, cause the amount of overall migration test standards. Yinzhou so far this year, the Council has found that 3 batches of products because of the unqualified reason.

Third, enterprises do not pay attention to the conditions of use of the product. Test of the European Union and other countries, according to the strict conditions of foreseeable. While the majority of exporters only produce according to customer sample, using products and inadequate conditions of use, third party testing is blind how to select test conditions, even in the foreseeable use of apparent inconsistencies, leading to "qualified" products are still being told about the risks, which lead to Silicon product exports are often the cause of failed.