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What Kind Of Mattress More Health

Jan 16, 2017

Appropriate and inappropriate, placed correctly or not, and people sleep sleeping well is very important.

What about what is appropriate? Science has proved that 2.5~3 shoulder width the width of the bed was the most appropriate times. Too narrow and not easy to stand up, it will naturally affect sleep depth bed is too wide, although free to turn over, but from a psychological, also psychologically disturbed sleep.

Which is the we look at beds: wooden, bamboo beds, camp beds, Brown bed, rattan bed, steel bed, box spring bed, a sofa bed and Heatable Adobe sleeping platform (bed) as well as latex beds, one of the most conducive to sleep and meet the physical requirements, should be the first LaTeX bed, followed by cane and Brown bed. Most do not meet the physical requirements is a sofa bed. All springs are not suitable for the elderly and children, because it can easily lead to man's spine curves. Influence of bed to sleep.

Why is physiological and size soft on human impact?

Bed is soft and easy to distort, slept on it, whether on your back or side, will make pressure parts sank, causing bending or twisting of the spine, making normal spinal curvature change, associated muscles, ligaments of excessive tension, was not fully unwind and rest, to backache pain feeling. Over time, will become a factor, accelerate muscle strain and degeneration of spinal bone, and some spinal disease affecting, make things worse or cause spinal deformity.