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Why Use A Child Safety Seat

Jan 16, 2017

Australia Automobile Association survey, 1985-1990, 71% of children in a car accident due to properly use safety tested for child safety seats but avoided the lethal damage. If you use child safety seats, more than half of the children who died in a car accident, can survive. Fixed to the children in the back seat of children compared with children not wearing seat belts, injury can reduce the risk of 90% sit on enhanced safety of children on the child seat can be increased by 80%; children even if adult seatbelts can also increase the degree of safety of 60%.

Child car seats for babies, infants and young children, increased child seats and versatile 4 categories, is specifically designed for infants and children, usually by the middle of the car seat belt in the rear seat, and some models have extra reinforcement straps will and body tightly held together, easy to install and good security. Universal double knot three-zone composite safety-belts and unique design of the safety buckle, appropriateness in a comfortable manner will be in the child's chest and abdomen, and fixed to the seat. Multi-faceted adjustment and fastening system, with enough tuning space and provide an escape and adequately protected. It eliminates staff hold any errors that may arise, when children ride is also completely avoid fumbling to move all kinds of accidents that may occur, provide strong protection for children, and buffer. Therefore, parents must let your child sit in specially designed children's car safety seats.